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i'm chris carrabba

huey luey!? is that your kar alarm!?

9/18/04 10:36 pm

oh why me? why me? why the beautiful chris carabba?

let's see:
your name
do you smoke?
do you drink?
stronger drugs?
your favourite activity
you are A workaholic
you wish you were A gangster
you hope It's not too late
people think you are Fucking weird
intelligent people though, think you are Just lazy
but, really, you're just A good hearted thing
This fun quiz by apistrakus - Taken 44466 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

9/18/04 10:08 pm

hmm... isure love mel gibson, but i would rather fuck mathew broderick.

9/16/04 05:45 am

i miss her so much, her and her frumpyness

9/16/04 05:43 am - Lie for a Lie

I can see a storm awaiting
Quietly anticipating
Don't deny, it no debating

A lie for a lie
A truth for a truth

Cruel, but everybody does it
I thought by now I'd rise above it
You complain but don't discuss it

A lie for a lie
A truth for a truth

I know the thoughts are on your brain
And even if they're not the same
Close enough so don't explain

A lie for a lie
A truth for a truth

Once in a while there's this girl I don't know in my dreams
She reminds me of alot of people
She's someone that I've never seen
And she's perfect

'Kay begin...
...some inaudible screaming

9/16/04 05:37 am

oh man, i wish i had her next to me right now...

i sure do miss her and my hoodie.
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